Jameys Massage Therapy, LLC

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Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

 We send you a reminder 48 hrs before the time of your scheduled appointment. We require notice of cancellation or reschedule no later than 24 hrs before the time of your scheduled appointment.  We understand that unexpected things can happen causing you to not be able to make it to your appointment. It can be unfortunate for both the Client and the Therapist. We hope to not have to enforce this policy on any client.

If a Client cancels or reschedules an appointment less than 24 hrs before the scheduled appointment time there will be a $5.00 Cancellation/Reschedule Fee added to the next appointment. If this were to happen twice in a row we will require prepayment in for the form of buying a Gift Card. This will require the Client to come to the office to schedule the appointment. If the Client already had a Gift Card or a Groupon that they intended to use they will still need to come in pay both of the $5.00 Fees that they would owe before another appointment could be scheduled. If this third appointment is missed then the Gift Card or Groupon would then be marked as used. If the client still wanted to try scheduling a fourth time they would have to come in to pay the $5.00 Fee and purchase a gift card before scheduling.