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Things you should know about scheduling an appointment.

We do not have specific hours that we are at our office.

Most days someone is at the office sometime between 8 am and 10 pm if not during the entire time.

We will take walk-in clients if we are at the office at the time and do not have any other appointments scheduled.

If it is your first time please arrive 10-15 min early to fill out some paperwork. Otherwise, please arrive 5 min early to give yourself time to get ready before the massage begins.

Appointments made within the immediate 2 hours on the appointment time are full price. Discounts, Gift Vouchers or Groupons will not be accepted as payment. Anyone scheduling that close to the appointment time will be considered as an Urgent Massage Therapy client.


You can schedule online by clicking the button above.

You will notice that the Duration Time is 30 minutes longer that the actual time of the appointment. That is so we will have 30 minutes at then end of the appointment to prepare for the next client.

When you schedule online it will send us an email about the appointment.

Scheduling a Couples Massage

When scheduling a Couples Massage you will need to schedule each client separately with each therapist (either James or Amy) that will be massaging them. Scheduling both during the same time with reserve both of us for the Couples Massage. 

Example: A husband and wife and a 90 min Couples massage at 5 pm. The husband wants to be massaged by James so he would find the 90 minute Couples Massage by James and schedule at 5 pm. The wife would find the 90 minute Couple Massage by Amy and schedule at 5 pm. Now both times are taken so no singles massages would get scheduled under those times.